Mexcalito Group

Mezcal 100% Organic and Artisanal 

Our company arises from the dream and vision of creating a balanced beverage which holds aroma and body, and that is amiable to the palate of the world. This has been achieved by creating bonds with expert mescal artisans, alchemists, and recognized mescal producers in the states of Oaxaca and Morelos. Our product range is the most commonly traded in Mexico and in the world, additionally to the creation of unique and exclusive mescal that highlights the aphrodisiac and spirituous qualities of this magnificent beverage. All of them produced with mezcalof 100% agave origin . 


Our Advantages  

  • Our Image: The image of our products is very colorful and leaves marks stereotypes mezcal
  • Our product: In our product range we drink designed for balanced palate abroad
  • We have the FDA approval
  • We currently have offices in LA and all the logistics and permits for export to the US and the World
  • We are partners and supported by the Mexican Council for Regulatory Quality Mezcal (COMERCAM): All our products are certified 100% Agave Mezcal



Transport and Logistics


We use different companies for maritime, road, rail or air transport to meet every need of our customers whether if these are of price or time.

Our internal policy is the improvement, innovation, safety and reduction of time in handling our products.

Before any type of shipment, we anticipate risks, contracting risk insurance, which might be purchased directly or by the customer.

Our Mission

Produce and commercialize mescal 100% agave of the best regions and mescal producers of Mexico, always carefully applying ancestral traditional processes to obtain exquisite beverages to please the taste of any palate throughout the world.


Our Vision

To be the most recognized mescal company of Mexico for its sales, quality and standardization, seeking to internationally reflect this recognition by achieving the highest production of mescal for Mexico and the World. This will be accomplished with the teamwork of the entire family of GupoMexcalito.